Hello! I’m Kori, a human living in San Francisco with a name that conveniently doubles as a motivational affirmation when spelled backwards. I'm a passion-driven philomath, product-thinker, and questioner of all things conventional. My mission is to advance human longevity using technology and preventative health. I'm paving that path by working with Silicon Valley health and biotechnology startups on product and strategy to chip away at traditional medicine's backwards system and spearhead a new future for health. I'm riding the entrepreneurial, early-stage rollercoaster to build empathy and expertise that I can later apply to a venture capital fund as an operational investor, scaling my vision and helping other disruptors change the world. I'm lucky to say I have conviction in what I love and which north stars to steer towards, but the journey to get here was eclectic to say the least. 

My wide-ranging education, career, and hobbies represent the sum of my amalgam of interests at play. As an engineer and product manager at Appian, I designed, developed, and deployed software products that overhauled internal technology systems for government agencies and multi-billion dollar corporations. After a few years learning under the corporate umbrella, I decided to pursue my own projects and passions and apply that knowledge to the health tech startup realm. I moved across country from DC to SF and began working with early stage companies that were focused on building technologies that put health in the hands of consumers.

Before all this, I was a student at University of Maryland, College Park. I studied biomedical engineering, psychology, neuroscience, economics, and medicine before settling on a B.A. in economics, bioengineering, pre-medicine. While at UMD, I was a part-time emergency department medical scribe in Annapolis, bartender in DC, and 4.0 student on campus. I spent an exchange semester at the University of Amsterdam in fall 2014. I was there to study business economics, but what I gained was hundreds of new perspectives from different people and cultures via backpacking alone across 13 European countries.

I was originally planning on medical school because of my fascination in our brains' networks and how the trillions of connections coordinate to dictate each thought and action. But after working in technology and building software, I learned this fascination is transferable to an industry that is much more malleable and fast-paced. The software and Internet industries are significantly less restrained by regulations and ethics than the healthcare industry. In many ways, software mimics the mind with its algorithms, deductive reasonings, workflows, and input-output based logic. I wanted to go where my ideas are not only feasible but can be put to action quickly. Technology is the place to do that. And San Francisco is the world's nucleus for it.

When I'm not advising health tech startups on product and strategy, I'm weightlifting, eating keto, inhaling books, writing, riding my Ninja 300, drinking craft cocktails, or exploring the world. My 5-year plan consists of working on innovative technology that revolutionizes health and advances human longevity, focusing on product road-mapping, design, and strategy, to lead into building a VC fund that empowers passionate founders to do so.