Hello! I’m Kori, a human based in San Francisco with a name that conveniently doubles as a motivational affirmation when spelled backwards. I'm a passion-driven philomath, product-thinker, and tenacious system-builder. I like frameworks, thinking about thinking, and turning hairy and complex into elegant and simple.

My mission is to advance healthspan and lifespan using technology and preventative healthcare. I'm paving that path by advising and investing in companies doing so.

Coming from a background in biomedical engineering, I was planning on medical school because of my fascination with the complexities of the human body and my personal interest in preventative health. That changed after working in the ER for two years. I quickly learned that the industry moved in the opposite direction I wanted to. I saw reactive, pharmaceutically-driven and disease-centered care due to flawed incentive structures, disjointed specialists, and archaic regulations. I saw individuals deprived of actionable insight on how to live healthier and longer, and as a result relying on a system that failed to do so. It drew me towards consumer technology.

Rather than trying to fix a deeply flawed system, I’m more interested in empowering the masses to take health into their own hands. I wanted to go where my vision was not only feasible but could be put to action quickly. Technology is the place to do that. And San Francisco is the world's nucleus for it.

But a lot needed to happen between that revelation and now. After 4 college years focusing on the science and preparing for a career in medicine, technology was a foreign enigma that I’d need to learn before I could do something with it. I started as a software engineer at a consulting firm in DC, helped build backend systems for Center for Medicaid Services, Federal Transit Administration and First Republic Bank, then came out to the big leagues to work on projects in SF.

I was a type-A east coast corporate dropped in the scrappy startup hub of the world. After one year as a doe-eyed sponge soaking up every thing I could learn from entrepreneurs around me, I quickly discovered that’s where I belonged and the itch that’d been growing since joining corporate became intolerable. So, I left to strike out on my own. I’ve been consulting health tech startups since, with a focus on product strategy, building process machines for dev and design teams, and raising money. I now lead an Angellist syndicate focused on the longevity space.

I work with startups whose mission is to advance healthspan and lifespan to lead into building an operational fund that empowers more passionate founders to do so. Otherwise, you’ll find me doing anything active, eating keto, inhaling books, writing, drinking Napa cab, or exploring the world.