Analyze the external and internal landscape to guide marketing, branding, hiring, pricing, and operational strategies. As an expert in consumer health tech, I take an industry-specific approach to optimizing your people and processes by mapping out current practices and identifying opportunities for transformative impact. 

Agile Product Development

Review your existing product development strategies and implement a new machine that is iterative and agile. Iterative agile development is the most effective way to quickly build successful products and companies. Leveraging my experience as a Scrum Master and product manager in both the corporate and startup worlds, I work with your engineering and design teams and put in place a powerful agile cycle of development.

Product Ideation

Assist with product ideation, validating, and testing. With the demanding attention economy, users are increasingly empowered to be selective with what products and services they invest time and money in. It’s imperative to build the right product that effectively resonates with your target market while maintaining your mission. It’s easy to get into the weeds when building a company and lose sight of what users will care about. Having led development from concept to launch for over 10 products, I help you take a user-driven approach to launching and iterating the right idea.