Vision with execution is hallucination



While engineering and design provide the vehicle and sales and marketing provide the fuel, product management is the engine that powers long-term growth. In today's competitive tech atmosphere, it's not enough to have a great idea. The engine used to propel your idea is what will differentiate you. I make sure your engine is powerful or I build a new one that is, then I use it to design, build, and launch superior products.


Product management connects customer needs with business goals, to produce goods and services that people use and buy, enabling you to compete. It is a vital component—particularly in technology companies—that sets the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition for a product or product line. A product manager guides the success of your product and leads the cross-functional team that is responsible for improving it.


Strategy considers the external and internal landscape to identify market gaps and opportunities, enabling you to consistently reign supreme in the rapidly shifting world of  technology. Specialization is for insects. Competitive advantage has shifted from being the best in the world at a particular thing to being the most adaptable to evolving markets and customer needs.



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No matter what problem you’re trying to solve, how its solution is designed, built, and distributed is paramount to success. Products are the life-blood of every tech company. Without a process, product success is simply a matter of luck, and identifying the factors within chaos that led to a success is difficult if not impossible. I put in place effective processes and tools to execute each of the 5 steps in your Innovation Cycle, creating superior products, faster. 




Head of Product, Aimee Health

The supplement industry is a $122B unregulated black box. Consumers don’t know where they come from, how they’re stored, what’s really in them, and above all, what they should be taking. We’re solving that problem by digitizing customized, quality supplementation.

Aimee (artificially intelligent medical evidence evaluator) is the first product to offer custom supplement recommendations driven by what matters most—your diet. Within our web and mobile apps, you receive ongoing nutritional analysis via tracking food with image recognition and fill the gaps with medical-grade, tested supplements in the form of convenient 30-day pack subscriptions.

A new approach to health technology that leverages AI and systems-thinking algorithms to analyze the most important input your body takes in and the effect on your unique network of biosystems, helping you live longer and healthier.

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Director of Product, MYXR Inc.

Engaging, entertaining, and empowering the world with the breadth and connection of our Augmented Reality platform.

Co-founder, Spark Recruiting Inc.

Hiring good people is the #1 concern of startup founders. 42% of venture-backed founders say they'll be hiring at least 11 new people in the next 12 months. We started Spark to address the need for hiring great people, affordably and quickly. Spark's mission is to solve the debilitating problem of costly, time-consuming, and unrewarding recruitment processes that most expanding new businesses face today. 

First Republic Bank - Millennial Rebranding Proposal

As a contractor at First Republic Bank, I've discovered how great a company it is but most millennials don't know anything about it. It's a sticky bank which thrives on retention and referrals. And this has worked for them because longtime clients absolutely love them, but this generation won't be around forever and the millennials will start buying homes and building families using fresh, modern FinTech companies if banks don't start targeting them. I saw a gap in acquisition opportunities and worked with First Republic's Chief Investment Officer introduce a new product strategy to address them.


Appian Corporation

Engineer and product manager in an industry-leading custom B2B software company. Appian is a pre-IPO B2B software company founded in 1999 by 4 young individuals looking to solve the problem of heavy, archaic enterprise software. 

I designed, developed, and deployed BPM and CRM applications that drastically overhauled internal technology systems for government agencies and multi-billion dollar corporations. These include First Republic Bank's Deposits System, Center for Medicaid Services Medicare Amendment App, and Federal Transit Administration's National Transit Database.

UPDATE: Appian went public June 2017


First Republic Bank - Deposits 

San Francisco

Overhauled the existing legacy banking technology used by all 500 bankers with a custom CRM software application. The MVP was shipped within 6 months, following a 2-week-sprint Agile release plan. The app has accelerated the deposits account opening and management process by over 500% and significantly increased the number of accounts opened per client. The production app is continuously supported with enhancement releases.


Center for Medicare Medicaid Services


Replaced the existing paper-based Medicare plan amendment workflow with a  BPM software application. Launched the final product to 600 CMS users. It has expedited the amendment process speed by an average of 3 months.


Federal Transit Administration

Washington, D.C.

Implemented a solution which streamlines and virtualizes the process of state reporters completing and submitting transportation data to the FTA.


ClassPass: New Feature Proposal

I developed a proposal for a new ClassPass feature. I conceptualized the entire product lifecycle for VirtuPass and published it on Medium and LinkedIn. The presentation and UI mockups are my original designs.

UPDATE: ClassPass released a feature similar to this 1 week after I published this article